Philippa Hadley Choy



Philippa Hadley Choy

Philippa Hadley Choy

An artist recommended to me after the L5 summative assessment was Philippa Hadley Choy. Her work, pictured above, has links to a few of my final pieces last year in that it shows imbalance by placing common materials in a precarious arrangement.


Jan Fabre- Glass and Bone Sculptures

Jan Fabre

Glass and Bone sculptures



An exhibition in the Biennale that stood out was that of Jan Fabre, a multi-disciplinary Belgian artist, whose work filled the rooms of the former abbey of San Gregorio.  Made of glass and bone, his sculptures included birds in the rafters and carefully positioned animal skeletons in the mouths of glass skulls.

I have included this exhibition in my contextualisation as an example of layout rather than concept, the work involved the whole building so the positioning of several pieces were of note.  Displayed on the ground floor were a collection of glass sculptures and real animal skeletons cordoned off from the spectator. Whether this was for safety purposes or not, it directs the viewer and limits the audiences interaction with the work.

The glass pigeons were also interesting for their positioning in the rafters.

Venice Biennele


Julian Charriere

Future Fossil Spaces

Julian Charriere is interested in the relationship between Geology and modern civilisation.


Petrit Halilaj

Do you realise there is a rainbow even if it’s night?

Petrit Halilaj’s work usually involves animals and in this case, the moths are a “reflection on memory, freedom, cultural identity and life discoveries.”