Photographed here is my final piece for the Degree show exhibition titled Square Bar, painted. The layout has worked successfully, the surrounding works interact well with the optical nature of each sculpture and the overall effect is that of what I had hoped to achieve. When placing the work I tried to consider the audience and their movements when the show takes place and the large number of visitors to the exhibition meant safety had to be considered.

My decision to include the smaller experiment was a recent one. As my main focus has been the show of development throughout this piece, the inclusion of the starting point seemed necessary as a display of the continual process Square bar, painted has gone through.

When choosing the positions and angles of the set up, it seemed important to avoid anything too structured. The layout instead avoids falling into a square or being overly predictable.

One point that I hadn’t expected was the correlation between kitty’s work on the wall and my own, the boldness and priority of form in her paintings worked well as a companion piece to the sharpness of my sculptures.


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