The above photos are the finished piece for the degree show, a collection of geometric triangular sculptures welded into various positions and painted with a matt black Hammerite.

The intention of this piece is to experiment with the ways in which line can be used to create the impression of weight, depth and balance. I believe this is achieved but after placing the work in the intended space and environment of the degree show it seemed the overall effect was lacking something.

After a tutorial with David I became certain that they were incomplete. During the tutorial the differences between this piece and other past, more successful works were discussed along with the ways in which this one could be improved. A large part of what has made these appear unfinished is the closed off natures of the shapes, the simple design means there is little room for curiosity or thought from the audience.

While making these I had also been experimenting with small projects, cutting up old sculptures and reassembling them, one piece in particular had an impact and led to my decision to remake parts of this previously finished collection of sculptures


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