Influenced by Constructivist art, i went about making several pieces from scrap metal and wood. Using simple shapes and sharp angles, these experiments have an industrial appearance and focus on form and material.

Constructivism’s priority of material used art as a means of development to functional design. Construction and modernisation were key to the movement, as evidenced in Vladimir Tatlin’s Corner Counter-Relief.


Image result for Vladimir Tatlin Corner Counter-Relief (1914)

Tatlin created many reliefs and his work is a display of the influence Cubism and Futurism had on the Constructivist movement. This piece is neither painting or sculpture, instead a design that interacts with its environment and changes the corner its placed in.

Well known for his Design for the Monument to the Third International, 1919-1920, Tatlin was a leading figure in early 20th Century Russian art.


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