Lynn Chadwick

Image result for lynn chadwick idiomorphic beast

On display at the Bristol Museum and Art gallery as part of their *Space is a Place: from painting to performance * is a piece by Lynn Chadwick entitled Idiomorphic Beast, an iron sculpture made in 1953. Made of welded iron rods, this piece is unique and distinctive and when exhibited in the 1956 Venice Biennale won the sculpture prize. Chadwick, another key member of the Geometry of Fear, also had an active part in WW2 and that clearly features in his work. Trained as a draughtsman and architect his work is renowned for the sculptures contrasting use of needle like bar and solid body.

The architectural nature of Lynn Chadwick’s sculptures is something that interests me greatly, as well as his varied use of thin bar and blocked steel. Despite the technical elements of much of his work, Chadwick employs a spontaneity that i would like to incorporate into my own work. Chadwick states much of his process relies on not intellectually analysing his own work, following impulse instead. As a method of working, this appeals to me.

‘I think that to attempt to analyse the ability to draw ideas from the subconscious source would almost certainly interfere with that ability’


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