Clement Greenberg

While using line and perspective in my work Clement Greenberg’s writings came up many times, particularly in reference to the Sculptor David Smith.

I came across Greenberg’s opinion on sculpture while writing for my dissertation, as a 20th century critic and historian he argued against traditional sculpting methods such as bronze and stonework and the artists who used them. Instead he regularly promoted welded sculpture and other less conventional methods that were steadily developing in the United States during the 1960’s. Believing opticality to be the most important quality of sculptural work (over tactility, as opposing critic Herbert Read did), Greenberg wrote extensively on the nature of welded sculpture and the priority of visuality over touch.

I have noticed my work steadily moving from textural to a new, more polished, style of line and form. This development towards the use of optical manipulation and illusion could potentially be pushed further and be a main feature of my work in the degree show.


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