Gap crits


Gap Crit     13-02-18

Larger triangles

  • Viewed as precarious but solid
  • Tension is all in one place
  • “Satisfying to look at”
  • Modularity
  • As the two shapes are the same size, this plays with ideas of volume.


  • Smaller sculpture should be bigger


  • Could experiment with shapes.


  • Need to improve technical skill


To make sculptures more imposing

  • Emphasise shadows
  • Hanging?
  • Spikier (increased risk)
  • Shown in a smaller, confined space


When placing work for the gap crit it seemed a good idea to use a different style to the exhibition in Kongs.  Where shadows had played an important part in the previous show, this space had white walls and strong lighting; this created a vast difference in the way the sculptures were viewed. Comments from the audience compared the two and made it clear that emphasising shadows and line created a stronger reaction and interest in the viewer.

I will look into ways of manipulating the lighting in the Degree Show.


Degree Show Proposal

My current practise is exploring the idea of imbalance, shown through a variety of steel sculptures and drawings. With an emphasis on materials and process, my work aims to give an impression of uncertainty and potential risk.

For the degree show I plan on exhibiting several steel sculptures of various sizes, currently I am unsure of specifics but they are likely to take several weeks to complete.

I will be requiring floor space to exhibit, preferably an open area that allows the audience to walk throughout the work and have a little interaction.  Subdued light would be helpful as shadows will be a part of the overall effect; if the light is low I may need spotlights or something similar.

I will possibly be using plinths to display some pieces but I’m not yet sure of sizes. I shouldn’t need any help with installation.

Estimated cost- £75


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